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Fansweep Coastal video

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Fansweep Coastal is a submarine radar system for commercial applications. The manufacturer is ATLAS Hydrographic, a division of ATLAS Elektronik, which is owned by ThyssenKrupp and EADS (PSE:PEADS).

Digital Tsunami was commissioned to produce a product video, which was shot in the corporate offices, workshop and on Sydney Harbour.

As the market for this product is global, the film was produced in nine language versions, and provided in separate formats for offline and online screening.

Digital Tsunami also produced studio and location photography, designed and printed a booklet for the Fansweep Coastal, designed, developed maintained and hosted websites for ATLAS Hydrographic and Sonartech Atlas (military sonar solutions).

ATLAS Elektronik
building, construction & engineering, manufacturing, safety & security
Americas, Asia/Pacific, EMEA
copywriting, location production, editing, multiple language versions, post production
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