Etchells Worlds video for OOCL

Etchells World Championships video for OOCL
OOCL (HKSE:316) is a world-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain solutions, with an extensive global network of offices. As a shipping company, its’ owners maritime heritage led to financial support of yacht racing.

In November 1995, OOCL sponsored the Asian Pacific Championship series, which attracted worldwide participation. In October 1997, the Etchells World Championship was held in Hong Kong; the first international regatta to be held in the Peoples Republic of China.

The Etchells (sail designation E22) is a fast open cabin keelboat, requiring a crew of three and with an aggregate weight limit. Without trapezes, the crew sit over the edge of the deck to achieve greater speed.

Essential Asia (now the film and video division of Digital Tsunami) was commissioned to shoot the yacht-racing and record interviews with the skippers every day of each regatta. The international yacht racing experience of Andrew W Morse as Director / Producer and Laurie Gilbert of Aerial Marine as DP, enabled them to get close to the action and deliver dynamic footage without disturbing the crews.

The footage was edited each day and supplied as an electronic press kit (EPK) to the world yachting media. Special event summary videos were produced , which met with great acclaim from the international crews at the prize-giving ceremonies.

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