Shell TVC production

Shell TVC production
Shell (NYSE:RDS) is one of the world’s most recognised brands and has conducted petroleum exploration and refinement for centuries.

With decades of filmmaking experience, Essential Asia, (now the film and video production division of Digital Tsunami), was approached to manage the production of a television commercial for a South African advertising agency.

As Executive Producer, Andrew W Morse managed the 35mm shoot in urban Hong Kong and rural Malaysia. He liaised with government agencies, airlines, security and logistics firms and local authorities, to enable the South African personnel, vehicles, equipment and Hong Kong crew to shoot the storyboard.

Setting up a TVC shoot in a rural village in the tropical humidity of northern Malaysia was a challenge, as was ensuring the rapid processing of exposed negative through international airports to the film laboratory.

Despite all challenges, the production was completed to high professional standards, the Director achieved the desired result, and the agency was able to return to South Africa with the processed negative and one-light workprint.

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