traintrac software

traintrac software
traintrac is the product name for an online software solution developed by Digital Tsunami for a training organisation in the offshore oil and gas sector. M&O is a provider of technical and safety courses (including fire-fighting and emergency rescue) in locations around the world. At the time, their base of operations was Macae, Brazil.

The software was designed to enable resources exploration and mining companies to ensure safety and security through managing the training and certification of their personnel. A drilling engineer travelling to an offshore oil drilling platform is required to have current Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) certification, which extends beyond his scheduled return date.

The software (and secure online interface) which Digital Tsunami developed, ensured that the company could easily review their entire staff for currency and certification expiry date, book training courses (in the nearest of many international locations), and evaluate their next quarter training costs.

As the Internet connection for Operations Managers on offshore oil rigs was a satellite phone, the interface had to be particularly efficient. No single file in the website was larger than 15kb!

Digital Tsunami also devised the traintrac brand identity, designed and printed business cards and consulted on a proximity card implementation.

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immensely small and efficient secure web interface, liasing with client in Macae, Brazil